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Artec 3D launches Artec Studio 18: a faster, AI-powered, true color 3D scanning software certified for metrology


Artec 3D, a world-renowned manufacturer and developer of professional 3D scanners and software, has announced the release of Artec Studio 18 (AS18).

Each new version of the software boosts the capabilities of Artec 3D scanners and the quality of the data they can capture. Artec Studio 18 is no exception, debuting unique features that allow users to seamlessly merge multi-resolution datasets from different Artec 3D scanners, process scan data at a record pace, and create stunningly lifelike color 3D models with AI.

Artec Studio 18 is packed with new tools that expedite users’ 3D scanning workflows. When reverse engineering, it’s now much easier to stamp out deviations and modify parts to reflect design intent. New algorithms also accelerate quality inspection, enabling instant defect identification, and ensuring models meet industry tolerances.

Ahead of the launch, Artec Studio 18’s accuracy in such workflows was certified by German standards leader PtB, underlining its proficiency in 3D metrology. All subscribers can access the new version, with a free 30-day trial open to those who want to try out new features.

“Artec Studio 18 unlocks new possibilities, allowing users to combine data from entirely different scanners at the click of a button,” said Art Yukhin, President and CEO of Artec 3D. “With the handheld Artec Leo and long-range Artec Ray II, it’s now possible to create incredibly detailed digital twins of huge areas like factory floors. This innovation, along with advances in the AI we use to improve scan speed and quality, shows how we continue to be pioneers in the 3D field.”

Industry-first multi-resolution scan merging for creating unique feature-rich models

Combine different resolution 3D scan data captured with any Artec device using Artec Studio’s Smart Fusion. Digitizing large areas or objects with Artec Ray II and picking up fine details using Artec Leo, before simultaneously registering data, now offers the fastest way of getting full scan coverage. After fusion, Single-step Mesh Optimization then streamlines editing.


Unique in the industry, Smart Fusion allows for multi-resolution scans, where Artec handheld captured areas are higher resolution than those digitized using the long-range Ray II. With unprecedented detail, resulting models are set to unlock opportunities across verticals.

Featuring 2x faster Global Registration, the latest version of the software allows scans – whether captured with one device or multiple – to be rapidly processed in a single click. Artec Leo and Eva users also benefit from a streamlined, AI-powered 4x faster HD Mode.

Advanced AI for sharp, stunningly realistic textures

Artec 3D has long been a color capture leader, and Artec Studio 18 extends this tradition with AI-boosted Texture Enhancement. Built around neural network decoding, this new feature yields much sharper models with enhanced color contrast. It also allows those who upgrade to drastically improve their overall texture resolution and quality.

Quality assured with enhanced deviation, design, and tolerance checking

Identify inaccuracies more quickly when completing Quality Assurance (QA) tasks with Artec Studio’s Enhanced 3D Compare Map, which can now target maximum Mesh-CAD deviations. New to Artec Studio 18, Thickness Mapping and Tolerance Check Mode also help users ensure models meet industry standards.


As a 3D metrology solution, Artec Studio’s efficacy is validated by PtB certification. Users can therefore carry out industrial 3D scanning, safe in the knowledge that they’ve got the best tool for the job. Passing PtB’s stringent measurement testing shows how Artec 3D software continues to be the class of the field in quality assurance.

Rapid defect analysis & mesh editing tools revamp reverse engineering

Artec Studio 18 now has all the reverse engineering essentials. When users change parts to reflect design intent, they can Move & Offset Faces to modify them separately. Where objects have freeform edges, new Surface Thickening Tools allow meshes to be reinforced, while Instant Deviation Analysis can be carried out in just one click via an all-new Quick Panel.


Other Artec Studio 18 improvements include:

  • Overhauled UI: Artec Studio’s home screen now serves as the ultimate project manager where users can seamlessly work on multiple projects.
  • Seamless Cloud Synchronization: Deeper Artec Cloud integration makes projects easier to navigate and share. They can also be synced in a single click to link projects, ensure changes are reflected in backups, and make collaboration seamless.
  • Contextual Quick Panel: A new Quick Panel displays handy tools directly relevant to what’s going on in the workspace.
  • Additional Format Support: Artec Studio 18 is now compatible with Pixar’s .usd file type, making it better suited to creating detailed Metaverse-ready 3D models.
  • Scan Decimation: New to Artec Studio 18, Scan Decimation allows users to delete unneeded frames without impacting the quality of resulting meshes, in a faster workflow that requires less computing horsepower.