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Artec 3D launches state-of-the-art tripods and dolly for stable, high-speed scanning

Leading 3D scanning hardware and software developer Artec 3D has introduced a tripod and dolly range that allows users to scan with much greater speed and precision.

Selected to join Artec’s offering based on meticulous research, these products are the best in the entire field, making them must-have accessories for quick, consistent data capture.

Together, the new lineup of two-way elevating and featherweight carbon tripods, as well as an ultra-mobile dolly, make 3D scanning at range faster and more convenient than ever before. Designed to carry an array of LiDAR scanners, including Artec Ray II, they minimize vibration to ensure you can rapidly capture accurate scans, even in the most challenging conditions.

Whether scanning from above, below, or at a distance, Artec’s two-way elevating tripod is essential to full data capture. With a dual-retractable design that extends or descends by up to five meters, the accessory offers a perfect point for mounting Ray II, and positioning it around larger objects to swiftly, seamlessly capture them from all angles and heights.

Featuring a robust, less than three-kilo frame, Artec’s carbon tripod is super lightweight and folds down to just 60 cm, making it remarkably portable and ideal for travel. Combi feet and an adjustable slip guard also mean the device is robust enough for indoor and outdoor usage. So wherever you are, you can easily set it up and scan with pace and precision.

The two-way tripod can also be fitted to the Artec tripod dolly and wheeled to quickly scan anywhere it’s needed, without having to dismount and make adjustments. No matter how tight the space, the dolly’s streamlined design complete with steerable wheels, shanks, and stability straps is up to the challenge – it even folds easily for tucking into its travel case.

This tripod-dolly combination is ideal for getting the most out of the new Ray II. Simply secure your device and take it to survey in construction, investigate forensic scenes, or immortalize heritage sites with unprecedented stability, pace, and precision.

Vital to optimizing results, both Artec’s two-way elevating and carbon tripods come with all you need to start scanning right away, including a case for safe storage and easy transportation.

Discover the full Artec 3D accessory range at https://www.artec3d.com/prices.