3D scanning solutions

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Steadfast 3D scanner tripods for quick & complete data capture

Your essential tools for elevated precision and stability across all LiDAR scanners.

Ray II tripod

Compact & compatible everywhere

Each tripod is precisely designed to cater to a wide array of 3D laser scanners, including our brand new Ray II. Bring it with you in an easy-to-carry case, and enjoy flexibility and user-friendliness across different devices.

Constant stability

Our tripods guarantee minimal vibration for unyielding consistency. They are sturdy enough to hold steady while your scanner captures data, keeping your 3D scans at peak accuracy.

Spot-on precision

Get your 3D scanner to work at its best and in any setting: thanks to the tripods’ design, you maximize the potential of your scanner's advanced features and get exceptional results, fast. Every time, even in demanding environments.

Ensure an excellent scanning job with our state-of-the-art tripods, made exclusively for 3D laser scanners. Meticulously selected based on in-depth research, these tripods stand as the absolute best products in the field, tried and tested as the ultimate accessories to turbocharge your 3D scanning process.

Each 3D scanner tripod seamlessly pairs with Ray II and any other LiDAR scanner on the market. Whether you're surveying construction sites, investigating forensic scenes, or capturing remarkable particulars of cultural heritage, our tripods provide the rock-solid stability you need to take your precision scanning to soaring heights and ensure consistently great results!

Unshakeable results

Full coverage from above and below

Two-way elevating tripod

Our two-way tripod makes scanning a breeze, whether from above, or beneath. With its flexible mounting options, you can twist the column around and be all set to scan at a new angle: lift the scanner to your working height (ranging from 1.12 m to 5 m), or capture the objects from below, extending your super reach with the included adjustable rack.

  • 4 rack elements 1 m each for extending your tripod
  • Twist-proof elevating column
  • Centric clamping
  • All-terrain combi tripod shoes
  • Aluminum head and joints
  • Weight: 8.9 kg
  • Comes with tripod carrying case

Two-way elevating tripod

5 m reach

The 2-way tripod extends to a remarkable 5 meters, making it great for capturing large objects – with all surfaces within reach, scanning is easy and no surfaces are missed.

Two-way elevating tripod

Dual retractable design

The tripod’s next-gen design allows it to retract in both directions, making scanning easy even from below – or upside down!

Two-way elevating tripod

Tripod dolly

Effortlessly roll your scanner around with no need for dismounting or adjustments. Simply perch the tripod on the dolly, then secure your scanner safely, and wheel it around the area.

  • Steerable and lockable wheels
  • Secure recesses and flexible straps guarantee stable placement
  • Streamlined design with only two shanks helps you navigate easily through any tight space
  • Easy to fold for space-saving transportation

Tripod Dolly

Faster scanning

With your scanner and tripod firmly secured to the dolly, you can navigate spaces more quickly and easily, without needing to lower or pick up your tripod – simply wheel your scanner anywhere it needs to be.


Safety assured

Once your tripod and scanner are firmly locked into place on the dolly, moving your scanner around the object or space is that much more secure – no risk of dropping your device even when making your way through a tight or difficult environment.


Travel light

Carbon tripod

Meet the Carbon 3D scanner tripod – and prepare for precision on the move. Weighing in at just a super-light 2.68 kg and boasting remarkable portability, this tool is your go-to travel companion. Ready for any rigors of 3D laser scanning, it features sturdy CFRP tubular sections, stretches from 0.54 to 1.65 meters, and packs neatly into a compact 0.60 m for seamless transport.

  • Adjustable slip guard to stay secure and steady even on smooth surfaces
  • Combi tripod feet for indoors and outdoors
  • Detachable 140 mm head for secure mounting of 5/8" connection thread instruments
  • Small top plate for 3/8" thread instruments
  • Spirit level for horizontal and vertical precision
  • Comes with tripod carrying case

Carbon tripod

Featherweight build

Crafted from lightweight materials, this 3D scanner tripod is solidly built yet perfect for on-the-go scanning projects, ensuring you can take it anywhere with ease.

Carbon tripod

Level up your accuracy

Your scanner is at its most accurate when kept at the same level it is calibrated: perfectly horizontal. Keep accuracy at its highest with the tripod’s spirit level, which ensures your device is perfectly level in any position, no matter the terrain or environment.

Carbon tripod


  • Are these tripods compatible with any LiDAR scanner?

    Yes, our tripods are designed with universal compatibility in mind. As a result, they are perfect for Ray II and work seamlessly with a wide range of laser scanner models.

  • What is the weight capacity of these tripods?

    The 3D scanner tripods are compatible with the widest range of LiDAR scanners, accommodating diverse devices from lightweight models to heavy-duty equipment.

  • Can these tripods be adjusted for different heights?

    The tripods come with adjustable height features, allowing you to tailor the tripod's setup to the specific requirements of your scanning environment. Specifically, if you're capturing data from different heights or angles, the two-way elevating tripod can reach up to 5 m and provides the flexibility you need for precise and efficient scans.