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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Compact & compatible everywhere

Each tripod is precisely designed to cater to a wide array of 3D laser scanners, including our brand new Ray II. Bring it with you in an easy-to-carry case, and enjoy flexibility and user-friendliness across different devices.

Constant stability

Our tripods guarantee minimal vibration for unyielding consistency. They are sturdy enough to hold steady while your scanner captures data, keeping your 3D scans at peak accuracy.

Spot-on precision

Get your 3D scanner to work at its best and in any setting: thanks to the tripods’ design, you maximize the potential of your scanner's advanced features and get exceptional results, fast. Every time, even in demanding environments.

Ensure an excellent scanning job with our state-of-the-art tripods, made exclusively for 3D laser scanners. Meticulously selected based on in-depth research, these tripods stand as the absolute best products in the field, tried and tested as the ultimate accessories to turbocharge your 3D scanning process.

Each 3D scanner tripod seamlessly pairs with Ray II and any other LiDAR scanner on the market. Whether you're surveying construction sites, investigating forensic scenes, or capturing remarkable particulars of cultural heritage, our tripods provide the rock-solid stability you need to take your precision scanning to soaring heights and ensure consistently great results!

Unshakeable results

Full coverage from above and below

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  • Are these tripods compatible with any LiDAR scanner?

    Yes, our tripods are designed with universal compatibility in mind. As a result, they are perfect for Ray II and work seamlessly with a wide range of laser scanner models.

  • What is the weight capacity of these tripods?

    The 3D scanner tripods are compatible with the widest range of LiDAR scanners, accommodating diverse devices from lightweight models to heavy-duty equipment.

  • Can these tripods be adjusted for different heights?

    The tripods come with adjustable height features, allowing you to tailor the tripod's setup to the specific requirements of your scanning environment. Specifically, if you're capturing data from different heights or angles, the two-way elevating tripod can reach up to 5 m and provides the flexibility you need for precise and efficient scans.