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Do you need to transfer reality to a 3D model? Then you are in the right place. 3D scanners are available in several designs, each of which is meant for scanning objects with different parameters: from a gear to a car or aircraft. Do you want to capture reality and create a 3D model? We offer 3D scanning for all types of applications. We scan objects from the size of a microchip to a plane. Products: Artec 3D scanners — the leading 3D scanners, enabling the capture of objects without the use of reference marks for architects, designers, surgeons, quality control managers, fashion designers, graphics designers, insurance companies, archaeologists, PC game developers, and other professionals.

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ABBAS, a.s.: Client Success Stories

The Reader, a 6 m long relief on the facade of a Czech school, was 3D scanned with Artec Eva by Artec’s Czech partners ABBAS to be turned into a smaller-scale replica and reinstalled on the building during major renovations.

ABBAS, a.s.

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