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Based in Berkshire UK, on the outskirts of London, Patrick Thorn & Co. is an Artec Gold Certified Partner with extensive experience in 3D scanning technology. Founded in 1991 with a background in mechanical engineering and financial services, Patrick Thorn & Co. quickly established themselves as a dependable provider of professional and robust 3D scanning solutions. The company supplies a wide range of solutions, including 3D scanning tools, used for reverse engineering, mesh surfacing, measurement data acquisition and CNC milling, guaranteeing that everyone, from an industrial designer ora quality control engineer to a sculptor, can find the best products to streamline their workflow. Working with globally recognized brands on the 3D technology market, including Artec 3D, Mayka and Roland among others, this reseller is guaranteed to provide you with the best 3D solutions available on the market today, whether it is a 3D scanner or software you are after. Experienced staff at Patrick Thorn & Co. pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service and supplying their clients with the most fitting 3D technology available. Offering convenient onsite demonstrations of various 3D tools, including portable, handheld, professional 3D scanners, the company’s experts are sure to find you the best solution for your application.

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Patrick Thorn & Co: Client Success Stories

Thousands of lifelike dummies are being used for medical training in the UK and around the world.

For the past two years, researchers from 3DVisLab have been working with the Nunalleq Archaeology Project near the Alaska Native village of Quinhagak to develop a digital educational resource to help teach local children about the excavations as well as their Yup’ik heritage.

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services providers with over 15 million customers and as part of their business they deliver an average of 2,600m litres of drinking water every day.

A reconstructive surgery specialist wanted a better way to design and create reconstructed ears. He discovered that precise 3D scanning was the missing element he needed for achieving the best and most beautiful results.

Though 3D technology is usually perceived as a futuristic concept, a recent project it was involved in proved that it could also take us back in time. Over 10 000 years back in time to be exact.

Using Artec Eva scans to explore the faces of people with facial paralysis, combining the medical industry, art, and technology for a deeper understanding.

Liverpool-based Face Lab uses Artec 3D scanning technology for forensic and archaeological research, installation art, and a new post-graduate program MA Art in Science.

A recent addition to the forensic reconstruction toolkit at the University of Dundee, Artec’s Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners help scientists advance their research.

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