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Japan appears exceptionally modern for a reason – it’s the ultimate blend of timeless tradition and pioneering technology, in which our 3D scanners have secured a well-deserved niche. The 3D scanning market in Japan is estimated to continue growing with the rapid adoption of this innovative technology in the automotive industry, quality inspection, industrial design, healthcare, and many others. Artec 3D’s authorized resellers are ready to introduce you to our versatile 3D scanners that cater to a large range of professionals across the globe. Take advantage of all the potential of 3D scanning in Japan and see how these solutions will take your business solutions to a new level.

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As a country with a famously innovative vision and a highly diverse manufacturing base, major industry leaders in Japan for everything from airplanes and consumer electronics to boats and buildings trust our scanners with the task of quick and safe digital capture. For projects that often require rendering finer textures and more intricate forms with high-precision results, our 3D scanning solutions are ready to provide. Whatever the object, if you need a 3D scan of a device with excellent results, look no further – our certified partners in Japan will guide you on everything from a free demo to recommending solutions, or 3D scanning services designed to exceed any ambitious expectations.