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4D Gate Co., Ltd.

1 office, South Korea

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Specializing in high-quality 3D scanning products and services, 4D Gate has been growing steadily in the domestic market year by year. The company's business focus lies in fields such as manufacturing, cultural heritage preservation, education, media & entertainment, video games, automobiles, aerospace, ships, bridges, and more. Throughout its history, 4D Gate has strived to become a trustworthy partner for companies operating in these fields by delivering all-round, application-specific solutions.

Available demo scanners

Artec Leo

Our best 3D and the world’s first wireless and AI-driven scanner, equipped with a built-in touchscreen


A 5-micron accuracy, metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner for an automated, one-click solution.

Artec Space Spider

A metrological 3D solution, perfect for capturing small objects for CAD applications and more