4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants

Artec Ambassador
Experts in Artec 3D’s complete line of scanners, unbeatable customer service and technical support.
Gold Certified
Exceptional knowledge of Artec 3D products, excellent support for customers.
Geomagic software
Authorized Provider of Artec 3D + Geomagic software
Available demo scanners:
Artec Space Spider
Artec Eva
Artec Leo
Artec Ray
Artec Micro

About the company

Artec 3D Gold Partner and Ambassador 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants offers the entire range of Artec scanners, along with other hardware and software solutions that form the core of the manufacturing workflow, from prototyping to quality inspection.

The company’s 10+ years’ experience with Artec 3D products translates into thorough expertise, top-notch customer service, and high-performance demos, all geared toward the needs of individual businesses and organizations.

Aiming to build long-term relationships with their clients, 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants helps manufacturing companies, R&D groups, hospitals, and public institutions excel in areas ranging from industrial design and 3D printing to healthcare and science.

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4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants: Client Success Stories

The combination of 3D scanning and reverse engineering makes it possible to quickly repair or replace critically important parts of vessels of the Dutch Royal Navy.

Perhaps in no other field does innovation matter more than in medicine. So, when a novel technique comes along, offering fitting solutions, professionals ought to embrace and build upon them.

A research group in Belgium is boosting the capabilities of powered exoskeletons by customizing their design with the help of 3D scanning, CAD and 3D printing.

See how researchers of Naturalis Biodiversity Center used Artec Space Spider to create a 3D replica of the oldest known Tyrannosaurus Rex for Japanese Dinosaur Museum in Nagasaki.

Valentin Vanhecke of the Dutch company 4Visualization has scanned the astonishingly well preserved skeleton of a giant dinosaur that lived 66 million years ago. The newly mounted skeleton is now on display at a local museum.

Essential for the ignition to start and the engine to run, the vintage motorcycle’s distributor cap was 3D printed from a 3D model of a legacy part scanned with Artec Space Spider.

Each woman is 3D scanned for her measurements, after which the ultimate customized bra is created for her.

Founded by a designer and healthcare worker, this Dutch company was set up to scan and print statues of women during pregnancy.

In the city of Delft, The Netherlands, a designer works with Delft University to recreate 17th-century Chinese porcelain and produce new work based on centuries-old designs.

A Dutch manufacturer of custom products for the disabled chose 3D scanning to help produce made-to-order ergonomic mattresses and seat cushions for wheelchairs.

4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants

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