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While initially slow to find its footing, the tech start-up scene in the world’s fifth most populous country is finally taking off. Despite the overall trade deficit in Pakistan, its technology sector has begun to enjoy international growth and show the potential to reshape its economy. Prompted in part by government digitization initiatives, the country’s tech start-up community now attracts hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investment each year. Wherever you look, in financial services, transport, retail – you name it, the nation’s tech scene is thriving.

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At the heart of this innovation drive, 3D scanning continues to change the way products are measured and manufactured across the country. Our partners in Pakistan are helping make this possible by connecting clients with the 3D scanning services needed to deliver their projects on time and to budget. If you’re looking for a 3D scanner in Pakistan, reach out to one of our certified resellers today for advice or a free Artec 3D scanner demo.