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From the peaks of the Himalayas to the tropical south, 3D scanning in India is used across a fantastic variety of fields: automotive and aerospace industries, engineering, electronics, medicine, heritage preservation, and archaeology. Apart from having a wealth of architectural gems and natural treasures, India is now among the leading providers of advanced technologies. 3D scanning is no exception: Artec 3D is represented here by several of our trusted resellers. Our partners will acquaint you with our scanners and the 3D scanning solutions to meet your needs.

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Recent trends in the industry demonstrate that India’s 3D scanning market is continually expanding. There is a huge demand for Artec 3D products in reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and quality inspection. Artec 3D’s certified resellers in India channel the entire philosophy of enhanced efficiency and faster, ultra-precision results achieved with the help of our 3D scanners. With company missions as ambitious as setting new standards of 3D scanning services, reaching an unbeatable level of quality and reinventing themselves to exceed customer expectations, our partners in India make sure they are at hand to answer your questions, and introduce you to Artec 3D scanners by providing in-depth product demos.