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About the company

Founded in 1992, General Integration Technology Co., Ltd (GIT) is a provider of integrated 3D technology solutions, including world-class 3D CAD/CAM design software, manufacturing systems, 3D white light/laser scanning and 3D industrial printing systems, and molding systems. The company offers the most comprehensive technical services in 3D digital design and product design & manufacturing solutions for different application fields, ensuring the highest efficiency for its clients and reducing development cycle timeframes. Known for providing the best equipment for product design and development, GIT also offers front-end design and software integration with the help of a professional team, dedicated to creating customized 3D software. The team prepares a special integration solution for a certain application, consisting of hardware and software, in order to equip the client with key technologies and competences needed to outdo its competitors. Solutions like these include the Shoemagic sole grading system for the footwear industry, customized commercial software for the dental industry, and Morphmagic for different industries that need special CAD functions. The company is also drawing the world’s attention to Taiwan by providing adaptive rapid prototyping and mold design systems to meet businesses’ needs. The company’s products are used in the United States, Germany, South Korea, Mainland China, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia, helping businesses streamline traditional manufacturing and increasing their revenues.

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General Integration Technology, Ltd

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