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A country brimming with splendid diversity and fueled with innovation, Peru has long been on board with the use of Artec 3D scanners as a guarantee to achieve phenomenal results across many industries. Whether you are interested in a powerful 3D scanning tool for reverse engineering or looking to bring this advanced technology to your medical practice, our partners will help you find a 3D solution that suits your needs best.

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More so than ever, 3D scanning services are in great demand globally, and our trusted resellers in Peru are devoted to strengthening the country’s presence in the high-tech arena. At the National Museum in Lima, our flagship scanner, Artec Eva, has been used for 3D scanning priceless artifacts to be featured in the museum’s AR project. Beyond this, there are far more applications where 3D scanning in Peru can play a part, improve processes, increase quality and more. Contact one of our partners for a free demo and see for yourself how a user-friendly 3D scanner can revolutionize any workflow. Chances are, it could be the next big thing for you, too.