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Artec Ambassador
Experts in Artec 3D’s complete line of scanners, unbeatable customer service and technical support.
Gold Certified
Exceptional knowledge of Artec 3D products, excellent support for customers.
Geomagic software
Authorized Provider of Artec 3D + Geomagic software
Available demo scanners:
Artec Leo
Artec Eva
Artec Micro
Artec Ray
Artec Space Spider

About the company

Digitize Designs offers 3D scanning equipment and software sales, as well as 3D scanning, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services.

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Digitize Designs: Client Success Stories

Every time forensic accident reconstruction expert Jarrod Carter, Ph.D., steps up to a twisted wreck, he sees a book of stories waiting to be told.

A dental implant specialty practice needed to find a way to digitally align patients' faces with their teeth, quickly and precisely, for designing implants that look natural and feel great.

A nonprofit specializing in prosthetics for children needed a low-cost yet effective way to create prostheses for its patients, including a young woman who lost her lower arm.

With thousands of unique furniture pieces from across the company’s nine brands lined up for digital transformation, the design team needed just the right scanner to complete their scan-to-CGI imaging pipeline – one that’s 100% portable, accurate to below a millimeter, and can capture furniture-sized objects in minutes with no rescans needed.

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