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Objex Unlimited Inc.

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Based in Toronto, Ontario, Objex Unlimited is an experienced Artec 3D certified partner, and an all-round 3D technologies company offering a large variety of 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D design solutions. A smart combination of innovative technology, art and engineering skills allows us to design and manufacture highly detailed physical models, rapid prototypes and outstanding, unique personalized products, such as 3D figurines. Objex Unlimited is an authorized distributor of Artec 3D, 3D3 Solutions, and 3D Systems 3D Scanners — offering our clients the highest quality and most effective 3D scanning solutions on the market. Alongside 3D scanners and scanning services, Objex Unlimited offers a wide range of 3D printers and 3D printing capabilities. The company is now also an authorized distributor of 3D Systems’ 3D printers. Catering to a wide range of industries, we provide 3D scanning and printing services for jewellery design and casting, geospatial prototyping, medical modelling, architectural models, archaeological modelling, full colour 3D printing, geometric parts, mechanical modelling, organic art, toy development & unique art, and many others. Our company prides itself on having a trained team of friendly professionals that are always happy to provide valuable insight in order to optimize a wide variety of workflows with the use of 3D technology. Whatever you need to have 3D scanned or 3D printed, we can help! Objex Unlimited is your one stop shop for all things 3D.

Available demo scanners

Artec Space Spider

A metrological 3D solution, perfect for capturing small objects for CAD applications and more

Artec Leo

Our best 3D and the world’s first wireless and AI-driven scanner, equipped with a built-in touchscreen

Artec Eva

A fast 3D scanner for professionals making quick and accurate 3D models of medium-sized objects

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