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Rapid Scan 3D is an innovated company that specializes in 3D metrology technology, providing manufacturers the best hardware and software for designing and improving products. Our line of 3D scanning hardware provides clients the highest quality 3D data collection while our software delivers best in class inspection and reverse engineering tools. Rapid Scan 3D clients vary from aerospace, automotive, consumer products, medical, heritage preservation and art and even consumers wanting 3D printed figurines. Our dedication and strong partnership with our clients help us to provide new and exciting technology year after year. The Rapid Scan 3D team offers a consultative approach when it comes to our customers’ needs and will suggest the right solution for their application. We work with clients all over the United States, providing essential tools to improve our clients’ workflow, while developing a better quality product and getting it to the market faster.

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Rapid Scan 3D: Client Success Stories

An orthotics and prosthetics specialist needed to find the best 3D scanning solution for making precision O&P products faster while reducing overall production costs.

1250 E. 23rd Street - 1st Floor, Signal Hill, CA 90755, USA

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