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An Artec 3D gold certified partner, established almost a decade ago in Birmingham, UK, Central Scanning ltd has been expanding its operations ever since, developing close working relationships with their customers by offering customized 3D solutions from globally known brands including Artec 3D and Zeiss, along with professional and efficient service. Whether you need a 3D model of an object the size of a coin or a slightly larger one, like a passenger car, Central Scanning ltd is able to provide full service, including 3D scanning, digitization, reverse engineering and inspection. The company has recently added the sub millimetre large volume engineering Surphaser 3D scanner to its range of professional 3D tools. Central Scanning ltd guarantees the best results as both 3D scanning and digitization are carried out by the company’s experienced engineers in a temperature controlled lab or on site. A large variety of other services are available through its well-established network of third parties. Highly experienced in the use of a range of versatile 3D scanning systems such as Artec 3D, seasoned professionals from Central Scanning are happy to provide in-depth product training and all-round support.

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Central Scanning Limited: Client Success Stories

A sports R&D company digitally captured a range of professional racing bikes in high-resolution 3D for use in creating an extremely aerodynamic racing bike.

The British Museum needed a faster, more flexible method than traditional photogrammetry to digitally capture more than 400 ancient Maya casts for the Google Maya Project, and so they chose Artec Eva, a high-resolution color 3D scanner.

3D scans of the vehicle enabled precise front wing development, increasing the car’s straight line and cornering speeds.

A UK charity focused on helping children with brain-related neurological conditions needed to create custom riding helmets using 3D scanning and printing.

A sports-focused R&D company chose 3D scanning for creating custom, perfectly-fitting aerodynamic skinsuits for cyclists of all levels.

A UK tool manufacturer decided to create a small, precise replica of their Formula 1 car, via 3D scanning and printing.

Swansea University uses Artec’s 3D scanning technology to create customized tags for marine animals to continuously monitor their behavior for marine biology research.

2h3D Ltd, based near the Pinewood and Shepperton Studios in the UK, has a film and TV credit list stretching back 15 years.

The Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation is a partnership between Historic Environment Scotland and The Glasgow School of Art, set up to deliver innovative digital heritage projects.

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