Delscan DBA Rev1 Technologies

Gold Certified
Exceptional knowledge of Artec 3D products, excellent support for customers.
Available demo scanners:
Artec Leo
Artec Eva
Artec Ray
Artec Space Spider

About the company

With 17 years in the 3D market space, Delscan DBA Rev1 Technologies has become a leading supplier of Artec 3D scanners in the US. Working closely with our strategic partners such as Artec 3D, Geomagic, and Delray Systems, Delscan DBA Rev1 Technologies can solve the most complex challenges that arise in today’s 3D environment of manufacturing, prototyping, and part validation. Our mission is to provide cost-effective & reliable 3D solutions to the market. Delscan DBA Rev1 Technologies strives to identify industry-leading hardware, software, and guidance to the commercial and educational markets at the best value. We are always evaluating technology and adding valuable solutions to our portfolio. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Delscan DBA Rev1 Technologies

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