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Artec in Wonderland

When Lewis Carroll wrote about the adventures of Alice, he could not have imagined that the technology of the 21st century could bring to life even the most daring of his fantasies. Today the Artec 3D scanner and an ordinary milling machine enable anyone to feel like Alice through the looking glass and, for example, play chess with giant pieces several times larger than a human being. Modern 3D technology makes it possible to digitize practically any 3D object, and then carve it on a milling machine, making it 10 times bigger or smaller.

Belgian company Twinplast is engaged in scanning various objects, including works of art, for their subsequent processing on a milling machine. One of their latest projects was the creation of an enlarged copy of a figure produced by local designers.

In this photo, the original figure created by the designers is circled in red. First, it was digitized in two minutes using the Artec MHT scanner. The model obtained was then processed in Artec Studio software and prepared for milling. As a result, the tiny statuette became a huge plastic sculpture – an exact copy of the original.

Following this, several more copies were milled and given over to designers’ imaginations, thanks to which the fun illustrations here appeared on the streets of Belgium:

Artec scanners allow the creation of 3D copies of various objects. And the fact that a 3D model retains all proportions of the original object opens up new possibilities for sculptors and designers.