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Artec, Old Navy and a plastic mannequin

Who would like to see themselves displayed in a shopping window? If you ask Tiffany, Kelsey and Maggie, they’d say that’s what they dream of. Old Navy, a well-known American clothing brand owned by GAP, launched an integrated marketing campaign called the Super Search Contest. Their target customers competed against each other, to become a plastic mannequin in one of Old Navy’s stores.

An Artec MHT scanner was used to capture the finalists in 3D. The scan data was then forwarded to Legacy Effects, a famous visual and digital effects agency, who previously carried out work for movies like Avatar, Iron Man and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to design and create a plastic double.

Through this unique Supermodelquin Super Search campaign, Old Navy wants to re-establish their market position and increase brand awareness. The company encouraged their target audience, budget-conscious mothers aged 25–35, to take a snap shot of themselves next to an Old Navy store and send in these photos to the clothing company to enter the model competition. Not only did the winner have her body used as inspiration for mannequins in Old Navy stores across the country,- but a $100,000 cash price was also up for grab. The contest lasted six months during which people could vote for their favorite model at Old Navy’s website.

«It was very fun to get my 3D scan. It is so exciting to see what I am going to look like as a mannequin», said Tiffany, from Oklahoma. The Artec MHT scanner took only a few minutes to accurately capture her. Artec Studio™ was used to post process the results, get rid of noise and apply texture to the model. Watch how the winner, Tiffany, becomes a plastic Supermodelquin for Old Navy: