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Get an up-close look at Artec 3D scanners at the largest industrial innovation fair in Italy

| Fiere di Parma, Viale delle Esposizioni 393A‎ – 43126, Parma, Italy (Parma, Italy)

For three days in March, the Italian city of Parma will become an epicenter of innovation. MECSPE, a reference trade fair for the manufacturing industry, will take place from the 28th to the 30th of March in the Fiere di Parma exhibition center, attracting 2,051 exhibitors and no less than 53,000 visitors. The event is focused on promoting new technological trends, making this a major opportunity to meet with the decision makers and creative minds of the industry, including 3DZ, our Italian gold-certified partner. You will have access to an exclusive line-up of Artec 3D’s most advanced scanners at 3DZ’s booth - located in pavilion 6, stand K25 - and there you can even discover new ways of taking your business up to the next level via the help of 3D scanning.

The first 3D scanner you can pick up and try out is the renowned Artec Eva. This highly versatile device has it all: reliability, precision, and ease of use. See for yourself just how fast a high quality 3D model can be created in merely a few simple steps. Eva is a perfect tool for scanning medium sized objects, making it an excellent fit for manufacturing, reverse-engineering and surveying. Scanning pipes, machine parts or cars – even in difficult to access locations – is made easy thanks to the lightweight, ergonomic body of the handheld scanner. Couple it with a battery pack and you’ll have complete scanning autonomy for up to 6 hours.

Following up is the Artec Space spider, a handheld 3D scanner with surgical accuracy, capable of digitalizing even the smallest objects. This compact scanner was designed to capture intricate geometry with sharp edges, and offers remarkable results even on difficult to scan surfaces. Thanks to these capabilities, Space Spider is the best choice for quality control, product design, and a myriad of other industrial fields. What more would you expect from a 3D scanner designed to go into space?

The third scanner to be demoed by 3DZ is the brand new, state of the art Artec Leo. Leo is the first fully autonomous handheld 3D scanner boasting a battery and a touchscreen, and also its very own computer! This way, you can visualize the model of your object in real time, right there on the screen, as you’re scanning it. Leo is not only groundbreaking in terms of how we use 3D scanning technologies, but also delivers remarkable results in precision, handling, and quality. Without a doubt, Leo is the next big step in the industry.

The last 3D scanner on display, Artec Ray, is a new and powerful laser scanner that can scan 360 degrees in less than 2 minutes. An entire workshop floor, a warehouse, or even a whole building can be scanned with complete ease. Producing 3D scans of the highest quality, Ray scans with submillimeter distance precision and best in class angular accuracy. Every scan brings you the highest levels of quality, with less noise than any other scanner of its category. Ray can scan inside and outside up to a distance of 110 meters, which makes it ideal for reverse engineering and quality control of large objects and areas.

3DZ will be glad to answer all of your questions and offer solutions tailored specifically for your needs. Ask them about Artec’s bundles and other amazing offers. See you there!

Where: Additive Manufacturing Section, Pad. 6, Stand K25,

Fiere di Parma, Viale delle Esposizioni 393A‎ – 43126, Parma, Italy

When: March 28-30, 2019