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Battery for Artec scanners

Do you often work with a scanner and wish you didn’t have to always be near a power source? Then this news will certainly delight you.

Artec has released a special portable battery to make the process of working with our scanners even easier and more efficient. This battery frees you from the need to constantly be near an energy source and allows you to use our 3D scanner no matter where you are. A reasonable price and ease of use make the battery an accessible and convenient device for anyone who uses a 3D scanner in his work.

To activate the battery, just connect it to the scanner with the special cable. For maximum comfort, the battery can be placed in its special pouch and hung from a belt. The battery’s light weight and compactness (185x125x15 mm) make working with a scanner very convenient and allow you to move around an object unhindered, no matter how large it is.

A single charge lasts for about one hour of continuous scanning. You can even charge the battery from your car when there are no electrical outlets nearby.

To purchase this battery, contact Artec.

Scanning just became even easier!