Artec 3D scanning applications in healthcare

Artec’s portable 3D scanners have led to major developments in the healthcare industry, becoming a key stage in the treatment of multiple conditions. Portable 3D scanning is irreplaceable for numerous healthcare applications, for example, designing and creating customized prosthetic and orthotic devices, which need to take into account the patient’s individual anatomy. Our structured light 3D scanners are safe to use for scanning people and have the ability to produce extremely precise results. Furthermore, Artec Studio, our 3D scanning and processing software, is able to compensate for any small movements the patient may make during the scanning process and easily turn the 3D data collected into an accurate 3D model. Our 3D scanners are also the ideal choice when it comes to making anatomical 3D models of the human body, or in plastic surgery to create custom-made implants and simulate operations and outcome scenarios.

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Plastic surgery
Custom wheelchairs
Artec Eva™
Orthin Ltd.

the Netherlands
Artec Spider / Space Spider
Royal Hospital for Sick Children

United Kingdom
Artec Eva™
Free University of Brussels

Artec Spider / Space Spider
Grupo SG

Costa Rica
Artec L™ -> Artec Eva™
Kersten Revalidatietechniek

Artec MH™ -> Artec Eva™
Andrey Guryanov, VIP Studio | virtual plastic studio

Russian Federation
Artec L™ -> Artec Eva™
Artec MH™ -> Artec Eva™
SC Medical Supply Store

Artec L™ -> Artec Eva™
Artec MH™ -> Artec Eva™

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