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Heritage Preservation International in Shanghai with Artec 3D

| 1000 Yan’an Road, 200040 Shanghai, China (Shanghai, China)

The city of Shanghai will host the 2019 iteration of the Heritage Preservation International (HPI) exhibition. The exhibitors at HPI largely comprise restoration companies, universities, and planning companies as well as manufacturers of building and restoration materials, measuring instruments, scanners and 3D visualization technologies. Amongst them, Onrol, an Artec 3D partner from China, will demonstrate why Artec scanners are an all-time favorite for digitizing archaeological pieces, artifacts, monuments of all sizes, and even dig sites around the world. Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider are endorsed by professionals of the industry for many reasons: they’re lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry on site, even when traveling to less accessible locations. They also deliver professional performance with high precision and texture quality. Lastly, they don’t require targets for scanning, meaning they provide no risk of damaging precious pieces by contacting them in any way.

Artec Eva is a renowned 3D scanner in the industry. It has been used in a vast range of applications while delivering remarkable results. Whether in the fields of reverse-engineering, industrial design or prosthetics, Eva has consistently been a market leader, opening up new opportunities for better results faster. Highly versatile, precise, and easy to use, this 3D scanner is a must for anyone looking for a high-end product at an affordable price. Eva can be used to scan small to large objects, ideal for archaeological work, and will deliver stunning 3D models that are easily imported to the 3D editing or CAD software of your choice.

Artec Space Spider is an ultra-precise 3D scanner designed to digitally recreate the smallest parts with breathtaking accuracy. Its design makes it easy to scan multifaceted geometries and intricate details without the inconvenience of placing targets. Space Spider excels in many fields, including industrial design, quality insurance, inspection, digital reconstruction, and even more for heritage preservation, where it can be instrumental in putting together 3D catalogs of museum collections or creating copies of artifacts that can’t be exposed to the public. You can use a battery pack with both of the scanners and scan for hours, anywhere you need.

If you’re looking for a 3D solution to help you in your work, be sure stop by Onrol’s booth!

When: October 31 – November 2

Where: Booth AT-22, Shanghai Exhibition Center, 1000 Yan’an Road, 200040 Shanghai, China