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Varvara Koneva


Varvara (Varya) Koneva is a content writer at Artec 3D who – just to shake things up – dove deep into a completely new world of 3D scanning after more than 10 years of teaching, interpreting, and translating. Upon graduating in linguistics, Varya taught English and Intercultural Communication to university students, coordinated educational projects at local and international NGOs, and helped run a small language institute as director of studies. At the very same time, she served as a Peace Ambassador for the Council of Europe, volunteered as a translator for environmental projects in the wild, and translated film festivals and books.

Varya considers herself lucky to have studied, lived, and worked in heaps of beautiful places around the world – from her hometown of Irkutsk in Siberia next to the magnificent Lake Baikal, to Leuven, Bologna and Budapest in Europe, to the national parks of Arizona, California, and Washington in the US. Varya has always been immersed in writing about things making her truly passionate: intercultural dialogue, human rights, people and languages, and science. Heritage preservation has also been an important part of her life, so she is delighted whenever Artec 3D scanners are used for this purpose!

What Varya loves most about Artec 3D is the opportunity to learn and discover, and the chance to channel the voices of people at the forefront of technology and research. To her, there’s a vibe in Artec that says exploration and adventure; this makes writing about 3D scanning a journey, whether it’s a case study, a learning center article, or a YouTube video description.

Beyond her more recent technological quests, some things Varya considers her greatest achievements (so far!) are illustrating a children’s book, and opening up a small library. She enjoys reading and drawing, often with her little daughter Anna, traveling, and walking in the woods, which she documents in detail on her Instagram page.

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Case studies
Chichibu Shrine

From temple to tech: Artec Eva gets instrumental in 3D transformation of Japan’s sacred Chichibu Shrine

Japan’s Chichibu Shrine, celebrating its 2,100th anniversary, embarked on a project to create a digital twin of their revered ‘Connecting Dragon’ sculpture.

Case studies
Madonna di Trapani

The celebrated Madonna of Trapani sculpture goes digital with the help of Artec Space Spider

An Italian 3D tech company received a request from a marble craftsman for a 3D reproduction of a plaster model depicting Our Lady of Trapani.

Case studies
The Pieta Digitized

Artec Leo and Artec Space Spider help digitize the sacred sculpture of the Pietà

Art in the 21st century is still something to worship for many, but one thing that’s changed is that it’s also much more accessible; high-resolution digitization is one technology helping to both preserve masterpieces and open them up for wider audiences to enjoy.

Case studies
Breast health research

Artec Eva becomes an outside-the-box solution for accurate breast volume measurement

For streamlining research in breast biomechanics, establishing appropriate breast support, and in improving women’s well-being, a leading team of scientists achieved remarkable accuracy when measuring breast volume with Artec Eva.

Case studies
Neut medical corsets

Artec Eva Lite comes to the rescue in creating made-to-measure medical corsets

French specialist in advanced custom orthopedics embraces 3D technology and uses Artec Eva Lite to make custom medical corsets with the core focus on care and comfort.

Case studies

Running goals: Artec Space Spider raises the level of 3D digitization for ASICS footwear

ASICS, one of the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturers, uses Artec Space Spider to create highly precise 3D replicas of their products.