Introducing Artec Spider


New 3D Scanner from Artec Group

Don't be scared! Be excited! The Spider is coming! We are proud to announce the unveiling of Artec "Spider" 3D Scanner at the Control show in Stuttgart, Germany (May 14-17, 2013).

Why is it called Artec Spider?

Because it has many cameras...."eyes" a real spider.

Why did we invent Artec Spider?

Artec has been very successful in selling the Eva 3D scanner, our flagship product. It was originally designed for scanning the human body and other organic shapes for medicine, art and heritage preservation. It is also successfully used for industrial design and manufacturing where Eva is used to scan cars, boats, airplanes, etc. However, certain spheres of mass production and industrial design require higher-precision scanning of objects with sharp edges and intricate details. We realized that we needed to develop a high resolution 3D scanner to fill that niche: the speed and ease-of-use of Eva, but with higher accuracy, resolution and the ability to digitize the most complex, industrial parts. That's how the Spider was born. You can easily digitize complex objects in minutes and import into a CAD system. This technology will make life easier for millions of CAD users around the world.

What's so great about it?

· High resolution (up to 0.15mm) and high accuracy (0.03 - 0.05mm)

· No markers or any manual alignment during post processing

· It's lightweight, handheld and has texture

· It sees sharp edges and thin walls

· It can work for hours with a battery

· It scans and fuses the model in real time

· Affordable 

Where can it be applied?

With high resolution, high accuracy and the ability to see sharp edges, Artec Spider is a perfect solution for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, as well as industries such as medicine, automotive, aerospace, quality control, heritage preservation and graphic design.

Stay tuned for more information.

Artec Spider is on its way!