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Svetlana Golubeva

Svetlana Golubeva is a Content Writer and Marketing Analyst at Artec 3D. She has been in the 3D scanning business since 2014, with more than a decade of experience in IT marketing, PR, and sales.

Svetlana started her career in tech with a business incubator for early-stage startups. Here, she was involved in PR and marketing for new web applications. Continuing her path in new technologies, she then joined a computer vision startup where she oversaw marketing for a mobile 3D scanning app. During this time, she also managed the coordination of events and customer support – as is often the case in startups, her duties went far beyond her title.

These days, Svetlana sees herself as an all-round marketing professional, the Swiss army equivalent of content. From writing in-depth educational articles and customer stories to crafting words for beautiful email campaigns and landing pages, Svetlana's reach extends to video tutorials and PR, events and marketing research. Whatever it is, she is always raring to go for new professional and creative challenges.

Apart from her work at Artec, Svetlana enjoys a good book, cooking, sleeping, traveling, and going on long walks with her dog Bruno.

To follow her adventures, connect with Svetlana on Instagram.

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“It’s the largest object we ever scanned!” Artec 3D scans gigantic gas engine in Luxembourg

Built in 1938 by German manufacturing company Ehrhardt & Sehmer by order of a Franco-Belgian consortium called “Hauts-fourneaux et Aciéries de Differdange, St-Ingbert & Rumelange” (HADIR), the Groussgasmaschinn is so large it could contain an entire tennis court, and then some.

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Best 3D modeling software — review by Artec 3D

Looking for a career in 3D modeling? Or perhaps you’re on a hunt for new software to add to your 3D design workflow? Well, you’re in for a treat. We’ve selected the best modeling and animation software to suit every taste and pocket.

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Best 3D scanners - review by Artec 3D

After reviewing the top 3D scanner lists available on the Internet, we noticed that most don’t include information about the key parameters of the objects you need to scan. Important categories such as object size and the application(s) you’ll be using the scanner for are not covered.

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Artec Space Spider meets Car SOS to restore one of Britain’s best-selling auto classics

Replicating a rare part from a classic car to get it back on the road, and to make one man’s dream come true.

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What is laser 3D scanning?

In this guide, we take a deeper look into one of the most popular 3D scanning technologies – laser 3D scanning. After reading it, you’ll be familiar with what types of scanners are referred to as “laser,” how they work, where they’re most useful, and what they are used for.

Case studies

Oldest known T. rex and Artec 3D meet again for a Japanese museum installation

See how researchers of Naturalis Biodiversity Center used Artec Space Spider to create a 3D replica of the oldest known Tyrannosaurus Rex for Japanese Dinosaur Museum in Nagasaki.