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Everyone’s talking about that 100-year-old Harley-Davidson

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to tell the exceptional story of one man, his motorbike, and a half-century quest to replace a broken, unavailable, and essential part that was needed to get the bike back on the streets. To get the 1919 Harley-Davidson fit to ride again, Artec Space Spider was used in a simple but crucial scan that was able to capture and process the broken piece in high resolution and full detail – data in the form of a 3D model was then 3D printed to replace the part in question, creating a solution for this seemingly straightforward but previously inaccessible task.

And that was all it took: Next thing you know, a 100-year-old Harley is back on the streets, again!

And while the story is set in the Netherlands, where the bike is currently all set up and already roaring through the streets, the news traveled far and wide.

We’re especially excited about Quality Digest’s feature of this epic motorcycle, and a tale of how the newest technology brought an old bike back to life.

This storytelling wasn’t limited by language, either.

The German site AutoCAD wrote all about this special mission, too, which you can read about here.

In Canada, Moto Journal wrote about this ultimate ending for a 50-year quest in French, as did 3DNatives (in both French and English).

We’re particularly endeared to this video, told from the perspective of the bike itself, and its long journey to find the missing piece.

As the story goes, the parts that we can no longer find, are now those that we can recreate – easily one of the best parts of 3D scanning and the solutions it provides.