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Arnold Schwarzenegger 3D scanned for Terminator Genisys

The guys from Legacy Effects behind those jaw-dropping special effects in the Avengers, Avatar and Jurassic World keep blowing us away with their work. They have released a new video showing their special effects for the latest installment of the Terminator, including how they used Artec’s MH scanner, an early model that Artec Eva was built on.

At the beginning of the video you can see how the team 3D scanned Arnold Schwarzenegger and also made what they call “old-fashioned casts.”

Scott Patton, the company’s lead designer, explains why that was needed: “We had life casts of Arnold, we had a couple of scans of Arnold, so we took them all into Zbrush, cleaned them all up, made them all nice and then took an endoskull, put that inside and started carving it down like you would with clay, like they did on the original.”

The result is immaculate hybrid makeup, where the exposed parts of the endoskull fit perfectly beneath the facial skin of the Terminator.