Artec 3D to make customized apps for the new iPhone’s 3D scanner


Enhance your iPhone experience with 3D scanning apps from the market leader.

We take pride in pioneering revolutionary 3D technology and deliver the best solutions on the market. With Apple’s latest release, we are happy to announce that Artec 3D is now developing customized applications for the new iPhone’s 3D scanner.

Whether your company is in design, sports, or the gaming industry, our customized 3D scanning apps will turn the new iOS device into a powerful tool with multiple applications in a variety of areas.


This forward-thinking technology gives endless creative possibilities in fashion and will forever change the way people shop. Users will be able to create vibrant designs and try them on without leaving the comfort of their own home, by simply 3D scanning themselves with their iPhone.

Fitness conscious Apple users will have the ability to keep track of their fitness progress by collecting all the required body measurements with ease and creating personalized, achievable goals, with personal 3D visualization.

Keen gamers and digital enthusiasts will have the ability to personalize their experience by creating realistic avatars and incorporating them into digital environments.

Whatever the area of interest, Artec’s experienced 3D developers can build a powerful, to-spec 3D solution that will fit in users’ pockets or introduce 3D functionality to an existing app so as to reach and engage with users in a whole new way.