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Artec’s bestsellers Eva and Space Spider as well as the new Artec Ray 3D scanner to be demoed at the 2018 SPAR 3D expo and conference

| 800 W Katella Avenue Anaheim CA 92802 (Anaheim, CA, USA)

The 2018 SPAR 3D expo and conference is an international 3D imaging & solutions show focusing on various applications of advanced 3D technologies. Since 2004, the event has been attracting experts working across multiple industries, from AEC to asset management, mapping to manufacturing, insurance to infrastructure, process to power, civil engineering to surveying, to name a few, who are looking for professional, reliable and versatile and 3D solutions for their businesses.

Source Graphics, Artec’s experienced US-based reseller specializing in CAD, GIS, wide-format imaging, and 3D markets since 1989 will be among the 130+ exhibitors demoing their products and services to the numerous attendees of the event. Make sure to stop by their booth #607, where the company’s skilled experts will be glad to offer you a one-on-one presentation of Artec’s bestselling 3D scanning solutions.

During the expo you will get a chance to experience the Artec Eva, our most popular and beloved handheld 3D scanner. Widely used by professionals in a wide range of industries, including industrial design and engineering, healthcare, CGI, heritage preservation and many more, this portable, white-light 3D scanner is the optimal choice for when you are looking for a powerful, lightweight and versatile solution for fast and effortless 3D scanning of various objects, even those with hard-to-scan surfaces!

Also on show at the 2018 SPAR 3D expo and conference is the ultra-precise Artec Space Spider 3D scanner. This industrial 3D solution of metrological accuracy is the best option for capturing objects with miniscule details for applications including industrial design, reverse engineering and many others, and the best part is, there is no need for targets, it is that good!

In addition, be sure to visit our UK-based resellers MD3D at booth #530, where you will have a unique opportunity to see our new long-range laser 3D scanner Artec Ray. This top-of-the-range industrial 3D scanner is an absolute find for its ability to precisely capture large objects and areas such as planes, trucks and even trains!

To ensure that you get the best solution possible, we’ve made sure that all of the Artec 3D scanners are compatible with the latest CAD and CAM software, such as Geomagic Design X and Geomagic Freeform, among many others, giving you access to both high quality 3D scanning and advanced CAD tools and capabilities, all in one. With a wide choice of bundles available, you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs!

We are looking forward to seeing at the 2018 Spar 3D expo and conference.

When: June 5-7

Where: Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA, USA