MD3D Ltd.

About the company

MD3D offers advanced 3D measurement solutions, including large volume geometry, deformation under loading, and vibration characterisation.

The company prides itself on offering its clients only the most innovative and versatile metrology devices for high accuracy data acquisition. From the top-of-the-line Artec 3D scanning range, MD3D exclusively sells the advanced and highly accurate long-range 3D laser scanner Artec Ray, ideal for industrial applications where precision is key.

Focusing on delivering the best products and services possible, creating tailored 3D solutions, reducing costs and optimising numerous workflows, MD3D have rightfully earned the highest levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction among their clients.

Experienced MD3D’s staff are always happy to offer a one-on-one consultation, sales and post-sales support for the Artec Ray laser 3D scanner in the UK.

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