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Artec’s versatile 3D scanning solutions to be featured at the 2019 RapidPro international trade fair

| NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, the Netherlands (Veldhoven, the Netherlands)

Rapid Pro is a popular international trade fair offering tools and solutions for product development, prototyping, customization, and rapid, low volume and on-demand production. Make sure to visit the trade fair on March 13th and 14th to discover the latest developments in the fields of 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cladding, FDM, EBM, and SLS, as well as CNC milling, casting, virtual prototyping, metrology, quality assurance, and much more.

Here are a few crucial topics you will have the chance to learn more about:

ROI in Additive Manufacturing and prototyping

Optimization of product design and the design process

In-depth coverage of the field of small volume production

Along with showcasing the latest technological solutions, the RapidPro trade fair also offers you a unique opportunity to network with your peers from around the world and learn about the latest trends and innovations in prototyping, (low-volume) production, and product development.

To find out how professional 3D scanning solutions can help you optimize your workflow, be sure to stop by booth #59 and talk to the experts at 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants, Artec’s gold-certified resellers at the event. They will be showcasing Artec’s popular 3D scanners, and thanks to their extensive experience with integration of 3D technologies into various production processes, they will be able to find solutions that best suit your needs.

The first 3D scanner to experience for yourself at the RapidPro trade fair is the cutting-edge Artec Leo. Though Leo is one of the most recent additions to Artec’s range of professional 3D scanning solutions, it has already won the prestigious 2018 NED Innovation award and the Golden Mousetrap award. And we are absolutely sure that you are going to love it, too! Along with its sleek and ergonomic design, Artec Leo boasts innovative features including a high-res touchscreen, onboard data processing, and an inbuilt battery. And wireless data transfer along with an intuitive UI ensures a seamless 3D scanning process every time, whether you are capturing data for reverse-engineering, quality assurance, or a wide range of other applications.

Another portable 3D scanner to be featured at the event is the versatile Artec Eva. This fantastic 3D scanning solution is one of the most popular choices, and it's easy to see why. Lightweight, easy to use and maneuver around whatever you’re scanning, this handheld 3D scanner is ideal for capturing a large variety of objects, even those with hard-to-scan surfaces, and is perfect for industrial design and manufacturing applications such as quality control and rapid prototyping.

The ultra-precise Space Spider handheld 3D scanner will also be demoed at the RapidPro event this March. This industrial 3D scanning solution is designed to digitally capture smaller, highly detailed objects such as bolts and gears, with metrological precision. Outstanding for reverse engineering, quality control, analysis, and many other applications where precision is key, Space Spider is a must-have for industrial designers, engineers, and other professionals.

Both Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider are compatible with our lightweight, portable battery pack, which ensures hours of continuous 3D scanning wherever your projects take you. And to let you do even more with your Artec 3D scanners, we’ve made sure that they are easily compatible with the latest CAD and CAM software, such as the powerful Geomagic Design X.

Looking forward to seeing you at the RapidPro trade fair!

Where: NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, the Netherlands

When: March 13-14, 2019