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Artec 3D scanners to be highlighted at the 2020 NCMS Technology Showcase in Honolulu, Hawaii

| Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Honolulu, HI, United States (Honolulu, HI, United States)

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is a cross-industry technology development consortium dedicated to improving the competitiveness and strength of the U.S. industrial base. Each year the consortium hosts its NCMS Technology Showcase, where it brings together its members from industry, government, education, and technology vendors to discuss and showcase innovative technology solutions that the industry can benefit from. The 1st NCMS Technology Showcase of 2020 will be taking place at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility on January 22-24.

While you’re there, make sure to stop by the booth of Artec Certified Reseller Rapid Scan 3D, where they will be demonstrating two of Artec’s handheld color 3D scanners – Eva and Leo. These two 3D scanners have been acclaimed as some of the fastest and most accurate 3D scanners for industrial design and manufacturing projects by numerous industry experts around the world.

If you’re new to 3D scanning, we recommend you first check out our renowned and most popular 3D scanner Artec Eva. Based on safe-to-use structured light scanning technology, Eva is the best choice for capturing medium-sized objects such as motorcycles, alloy wheels, and water pipes. Thanks to its ease of use, ergonomic design, speed, high resolution & accuracy, Eva has been a particular favorite among professionals in rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, the automotive industry, and other fields. For scanning larger objects, Eva can be used in conjunction with Artec Ray, a professional long-range laser scanner that excels at capturing objects such as factory floors, aircraft, and even entire buildings in high-resolution color 3D.

And you definitely don’t want to miss out on seeing one of our newest additions, the fastest professional handheld 3D scanner on the market – Artec Leo. The 2019 Gold Award Winner of the Golden Mousetrap Awards in the Electronics & Test category, Artec Leo is the 1st 3D scanner that offers users automatic high-speed onboard processing and a fully mobile scanning experience, with no need to connect to a computer or plug into a power source. As you’ll see at the booth, Leo is equipped with a built-in touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and its own internal battery, which gives it absolute freedom to scan anywhere, anytime, even in complete darkness or bright sunlight. As with all Artec 3D scanners, Leo’s applications are wide and far-reaching, including industrial manufacturing and quality control, healthcare, forensics, VR, e-commerce, and beyond.

At the booth, you’ll be also able to see Artec’s 3D imaging software, Artec Studio. This powerful software not only lets you customize how the scanner captures data; it also integrates with Artec scanners for post-processing scans, with a full spectrum of 3D editing tools such as geometry or texture editing, base removal, and more. Artec Studio offers both automatic and manual scanning options, which give you complete flexibility over your scanning workflow. The software can also be integrated with the best CAD solutions, including SOLIDWORKS, Geomagic Design X, and AutoCAD.

Be sure to check out both scanners and Artec Studio at Rapid Scan 3D’s booth, where you can even make some scans yourself!

Looking forward to seeing you at the NCMS Technology Showcase!

Where: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Honolulu, HI, United States

When: January 22-24, 2020