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Meet Artec 3D at GTC 2017 to experience next-generation 3D scanning technology

| San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, United States (San Jose, United States)

GPU developers from around the world will get together in the heart of Silicon Valley for the largest annual meeting in the industry GPU Technology Conference (GTC). This is a valuable training opportunity and a showcase of the most vital work in computing, including artificial intelligence, deep learning and virtual reality. At the conference, Artec's President and CEO Artem Yukhin will speak about running real-time processing for revolutionary 3D scanning.

With the recently released Artec Leo scanner, Artec 3D has made the next big step in high-precision 3D scanning and is looking forward to presenting this revolutionary handheld device at the upcoming conference.

Leo is a wireless handheld 3D imager that can capture objects at up to 80 frames per second and process data onboard on its powerful NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform. The user can see the scans developed right in front of their eyes on Leo’s touchscreen in real time and perform basic editing of the data. 3D scanning projects can be transferred to a computer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or an SD card for more profound editing. The scanner has a 256 GB SSD hard drive, meaning you have enough space for large projects.

With this scanner, capturing objects in 3D is as easy as filming video, and with our new software Artec Studio 12 post-processing is faster than ever before. Several key operations have been optimized to ensure the user wastes no time waiting for software algorithms to complete their job.

Automatic base removal is one such algorithm. In the newest version of Artec Studio you are able to automatically delete the floor or table your object was scanned on along with the walls behind it, even if those are curved surfaces.

One of the most time-consuming algorithms Global Registration now works up to 10 times faster – the first users of AS12 absolutely love this improvement! The delicate task of scanning black and shiny surfaces has been simplified due to the introduction of automatic sensitivity adjustment in AS12. The software uses the optimal settings, saving the user the need to select them manually. This feature works with Artec Eva white-light 3D scanner, which you’ll be able to try out at GTC.

Eva is our best-selling versatile imager, which is used in manufacturing, research projects, healthcare, CGI – you name it. In addition to Eva, you’ll be able to practice scanning with Space Spider, our most precise scanner whose 3D point accuracy reaches an incredible 0.05 mm. Space Spider was developed for the International Space Station and is remarkable for its ability to maintain repeatability in data capture in the long term regardless of fluctuations in environmental conditions.

At GTC, we’ll be 3D scanning people for free in Artec Shapify Booth, an automatic full-body 3D scanner that takes a short 12 seconds to capture a person from all angles. Shapify sends the 3D scan data to the cloud, where it is processed and fused in a 3D model in a matter of minutes – as a result you get your precise 3D portrait. Come to GTC to make one in Shapify Booth! After the show, we’ll email you a preview of your 3D portrait which can be shared on Facebook. If you like, you can purchase a printable file and make your own mini-me figurine on a 3D printer. Bear in mind that we also scan couples, and if you come to the show with your sweetheart, family or friend, you’ll have a great chance to get a very special keepsake.

Where: You'll be able to find us on the concourse opposite the grand ballroom and on stand 201 at the San Jose Convention Center.

When: May 8-11