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Artec to exhibit at formnext 2016 together with German partners

| Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Discover the next generation of intelligent manufacturing solutions at formnext, Europe's major production technology show and conference, which brings together the world's leading manufacturers in additive manufacturing technologies as well as renowned and innovative companies from industrial tooling, materials, mechanical engineering, metrology, prototyping, product processing, accessories and many more.

Artec is coming to the show together with our German partners, algonaAntonius Köster and KLIB, to present the best-selling handheld 3D scanners Artec Eva, Eva Lite and Space Spider. While Eva works best with large and medium-sized objects, Space Spider is a go-to tool when you need a 3D model of a small object with complex geometry. You are welcome to try out Artec scanners and learn why they are the preferred 3D scanning solutions in quality control, reverse engineering and other areas where precision matters.

You'll sure be amazed to see how quickly you can generate an utterly accurate 3D model of just about any object using the Autopilot mode of Artec Studio 11. Autopilot guides the user through 3D data processing in a few easy steps. By collecting answers to a few simple questions about the object the user has scanned, the program selects the most effective 3D algorithms for the data and builds an accurate 3D model ready for use in a number of professional applications.

Artec will be showing off the latest in high-precision automated scanning. Our stand will feature a UR3 robotic arm scanning a variety of objects with Space Spider, mounted to it. Scanning can be implemented in autonomous mode, where the software controls the robot, choosing the optimal trajectory for moving the scanner around the object. Alternatively, the user can program the trajectory for the robot to follow.

In autonomous mode, the software analyzes the surface being scanned to see if all necessary data has been captured. If needed, it reroutes the scanner to take extra shots, making sure all areas have been covered. The object is then automatically reconstructed and uploaded to the cloud. This mode is particularly useful for scanning large sets of objects of different shapes and sizes, like museum exhibits or archaeological finds.

The programmed mode is great for scanning the same class of objects in big quantities and is particularly effective for ensuring quality control at production facilities, for example, on conveyor belts, where items need to be scanned in the shortest possible time.

Artec has been successfully cooperating with the leading developers of reverse engineering and CAD software, which has resulted in the integration of Artec Studio 11 with SOLIDWORKS, the gold standard for engineers around the world. Now you can export your 3D model to 3D Systems’ Design X in just one click. And if you have Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS or DezignWorks plugins installed on your computer, your 3D model can be landed in SOLIDWORKS at the push of the ‘Export to SOLIDWORKS’ button.

Until the end of 2016 bundles of Artec scanners, software and plugins for seamless export into SOLIDWORKS can be purchased at discounted prices.

Where: Booth C10, Hall 3.1, Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

When: November 15-18