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Get a closer look at the latest Artec 3D scanners at Oldenburg’s 3D Days

| Jade Hochschule, Ofener Straße, 16/19 26121, Oldenburg, Germany (Oldenburg, Germany)

The German city of Oldenburg will welcome its 18th annual 3D Days, an event aimed at specialists, consumers, manufacturers, and professionals in the 3D industry. From the 6th to the 7th of February, the Institute of Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics will host more than 50 lectures on new research results, applications of optical 3D measuring techniques, and the latest developments in the industry’s market. Additionally, the fair strives hard to create a networking spirit, making it a convenient platform to establish new contacts and meet with colleagues from across many fields. Industry specialists will be there to help you deepen your knowledge of 3D, and you will have the opportunity to take a close look at cutting edge, high-end gear, such as Leo and Ray, Artec 3D’s latest 3D scanners. Our German gold-certified partner KLIB will be demonstrating Artec’s entire line of 3D scanners and will be ready to show you how these 3D solutions can be tailored specifically to your business.

Artec Ray is capable of capturing large objects such as planes, buildings, and the interiors of a factory with ease. This professional scanner can capture data with submillimeter precision, which makes it a prime choice for reverse engineering and quality control tasks. Ray is perfectly fit to be used outside in daylight and can even capture texture. It performs a 360-degree scan at up to 110m from the object.

Also on display is Artec Leo, the newest Artec 3D professional handheld scanner and the most innovative in the industry. A true masterpiece of technology packed with functionalities, Leo has been thoughtfully designed to set a new standard in 3D scanning. Offering a completely autonomous experience, it features a touchscreen and battery, which together let you scan without the inconvenience of having to hold a computer. The integrated quad-core processor and the latest software will render your object in real time on the scanner, making the whole scanning process that much easier. Leo’s advanced concept drastically cuts the amount of time spent on training: scanning is now so simple that even inexperienced users can just pick up Artec Leo and create a complete and accurate 3D model.

KLIB will also be demoing Artec Eva - a versatile, well-rounded handheld 3D scanner that has been used in every field ranging from healthcare to art. Brilliant at scanning small to medium sized objects, Eva has become the primary scanning solution for businesses, archaeological research, and design projects. It is precise, lightweight, and easy to handle, which makes it the first choice for many users looking for a truly professional solution.

The last scanner KLIB will demo at the fair is the Space Spider. This scanner has been carefully designed to capture every detail of small objects, even those with highly complex geometries. Space Spider scans with surgical accuracy, making it an excellent tool for reverse-engineering, prototyping, and cataloging precious objects. The realism of the 3D models created with this scanner is breathtaking, thanks to its high-definition texture cameras. Space Spider, just like Eva, can be paired with a battery pack for autonomous use.

See you at Oldenburg 3D Days!

When: February 6-7 2019

Where: Jade Hochschule, Ofener Straße, 16/19 26121, Oldenburg, Germany