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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Singers bidding to win Eurovision 2015 get 3D scanned with Artec Eva

Summary: A Russian 3D scanning company decided to scan more than 10 contestants in the Eurovision singing contest in the days before the competition began.

The Goal: To have the contestants each stand in place a few minutes, wearing whatever clothes they would like, and scan them in perfect color 3D with a handheld 3D scanner, then print out mini-figurines for them.

Tool Used: Artec Eva, Artec Studio

Artec’s partner BeIn3D has scanned Eurovision 2015 participants and printed out their shapies.

The media frenzy over Eurovision 2015 is getting more intense as the final is nearing, and Artec partners BeIn3D, a Moscow-based company, have prepared something thrilling for the Eurovision stars and their fans.

The BeIn3D team have scanned Eurovision contestants from more than 10 countries, including Britain, Israel and Russia, and each of them has been presented with their 3D printed figurine. The Russian entry, Polina Gagarina, was the first to receive her mini-me statuette at a press conference held in the run-up to the contest. Here she is with her very special, personalized souvenir:

Courtesy of BeIn3D.

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