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Paul Hanaphy

Paul Hanaphy

Originally from London, Paul Hanaphy is a journalist turned marketing content writer at Artec 3D. Since going full-time as a journalist in 2019, Paul has reported on everything from local news stories to those with national and even international dimensions. Following a stint at a local paper that saw him cover that year’s UK General Election, Paul turned a long-standing interest in advanced technologies into a career – by joining the 3D Printing Industry team.

While writing news, features, and interview pieces for the publication, Paul became better acquainted with the disruptive potential of both 3D printing and 3D scanning. During his time at the publication, Paul also covered and spoke at industry events like Formnext, Rapid+TCT, and IMTS, quickly becoming an authoritative voice for those working in the sector.

Paul has a keen interest in the automotive and aerospace fields – and over the years, this has been reflected in his work. After his graduation from Kingston University with a Master’s Degree in journalism, Paul went on to cover racing series like NASCAR and Formula 1, as well as popular British showcases such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Likewise, he has been fortunate enough to report live from exhibitions like the Farnborough Air Show, where manufacturing technologies continue to be pushed to the absolute limit.

Aiming to get ever-closer access to such technological innovation, Paul has left the British Isles and begun a new European adventure at Artec 3D. As part of the Artec team, he now curates content for those seeking to better understand how 3D scanning works, where it’s beginning to be applied, and how it continues to break boundaries across industries.

When he’s not writing about 3D scanning, Paul is likely playing football, cheering on a race car driver, or clutching a dictionary while trying to order a cup of tea in another language.

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