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Validate parts like a pro with Artec Micro and Geomagic Control X

If you’re subscribed to Artec 3D’s YouTube channel — and if you aren’t already, we strongly recommend that you do! — you’ve got front-row access to plenty of videos that include tutorials, reviews, and more. One video in particular that we’d like to draw your attention to is “How to validate parts or manufacturing processes with Artec Micro and Control X”.

Made in collaboration with 3D Systems, the developer of industry-standard CAD, reverse engineering, and quality assurance software, the focus of this video is all-round inspection tool Geomagic Control X.

In these 12 minutes, you’re taken through the process of analyzing the shape of a small mechanical part in order to detect and pinpoint deviations from a reference CAD model – a critical step in any manufacturing workflow.

This careful analysis of deviations would be impossible without data captured by a highly accurate 3D scanner. In this case, the mechanical part was captured with the fully automatic Artec Micro, a desktop scanner capable of obtaining precise measurements of small parts (up to 90 × 60 × 60 mm) in just one click.

Check out this comprehensive webinar to explore how our precision champion Artec Micro and the all-round quality inspection software Geomagic Control X join forces so you can validate parts like a pro.

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