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Artec 3D Announces Educational Bundles Featuring 3D Systems’ Geomagic® Software for Schools, Universities & Research Institutes

Santa Clara, Calif., February 05, 2020 – Artec 3D, a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, today announces new educational bundles that include its professional 3D scanners and 3D Systems’ Geomagic® 3D education software suite. With built-in automated features and cutting-edge tracking technology, Artec 3D’s scanning hardware is intuitive for any age. When paired with Geomagic software, the process of digitally engineering, measuring and inspecting real-world objects becomes fast, easy and accurate.

Combination of Artec 3D scanners and 3D Systems’ Geomagic software provides a flexible and complete 3D solution for equipping students with unique, in-demand skills.

The combination of Artec 3D’s hardware and 3D Systems’ software can serve as a technological cornerstone for a wide array of courses, including engineering, architecture, art and computer graphics, medicine, history and heritage preservation, science, manufacturing and more. By using professional-grade technology for a unique learning experience, students will develop highly sought-after skills that will give them a competitive edge in their future careers.

“Our 3D technology is playing a vital role in educating students and enabling ground-breaking research around the world,” said Artyom Yukhin, president, and CEO of Artec 3D. “The technological advancements we have made are virtually eliminating the learning curve for creating professional 3D scans. Bundling our scanning technology with 3D Systems’ software will create state-of-the-art classrooms at an extremely good value. The expanded design and inspection capabilities that these technologies enable can be applied to an unlimited amount of learning applications.”

Each educational bundle that includes Artec 3D’s industry-leading hardware plus 3D System’s Geomagic software, includes 20 lifetime licenses of Artec Studio Professional, which can be upgraded for two years for free. Through various packages, institutions can gain access to 20 network licenses of Geomagic Design X and Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS for reverse engineering needs and Geomagic Control X for inspection. All packages come with three years of maintenance for Geomagic software and complimentary instructor training by 3D Systems (where available).

“3D Systems believes teachers and researchers should have access to leading 3D technologies in order to prepare and equip engineers and designers with the right tools for tomorrow’s market requirements,” said Wayne Davey, SVP Software & Healthcare Solutions, Global GTM, 3D Systems. “By partnering with Artec 3D, we will provide powerful solutions and detailed materials to give students the hands-on experience for scan-based reverse engineering and inspection that future employers are demanding.”

To learn more about individual bundles, visit https://www.artec3d.com/educational-packages.