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Spellbound by Eva: Russian celebs 3D scanned at Moscow’s ‘Vegas show’

A 3D scan of Big Beta, a Russian pop singer

Over 30 Russian pop stars were 3D scanned with Eva by Artec’s partner BeIn3D.ru at the ‘Show in Vegas’ extravaganza premiered by Russian music channel RU.TV at Moscow’s ‘Vegas Crocus City’ shopping mall on September 20. Capable of capturing the smallest detail, Eva did the job nicely!

“We were very happy to surprise our celebs and give them a buzz,” said Kirill Lukashuk of BeIn3D.ru. “Everyone was really excited to be scanned. They asked a bunch of questions and meticulously struck their poses for their future figurines.”

Now the following celebs are officially in 3D: Timati, Viagra, Emin, Vlad Sokolovsky, Elvira T, Yulia Beretta, Anita Tsoi, Timur Rodriguez, Stas Kostyushkin and his wife Yulia, Chili, Big Beta and others.

BeIn3D.ru is a 3D selfie studio that was one of the first Russian companies to scan people and produce their 3D printed figurines, even making scans of couples and trios.

A 3D scan of Emin, a Russian pop singer