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New Shapify Booth location opens in the Lone Star State allowing Houstonians to 3D print themselves

Not everything is bigger in Texas now that Houston locals can miniaturize themselves. Artec 3D and Houston-based startup 3D Makery are turning the idea of 3D printing yourself into reality with the installation of Artec’s Shapify Booth at the Memorial City Mall.


Houston shoppers are the newest group embracing the next-generation technology that captures life’s special moments by creating full length portraits in 3D, also called shapies. We are excited to bring our 3D scanning technology to the city that has been at the forefront of innovation since the first missions to the Moon in the 1960s.

Unlike NASA astronauts, Shapify customers don’t need to make lengthy preparations for their 3D mission. Making a shapie in a Shapify Booth requires no more involvement of the customer than making a good old photo in a traditional photo booth – you step inside and freeze in the pose you choose, allowing the booth’s four high resolution scanners to take multiple shots of you in a mere 12 seconds.

The data collected is then automatically processed to become your detailed full-color 3D portrait, which you can have printed. A 3D printed figurine is a priceless memento of a significant life experience like your first day of school, making a sports team, graduating or getting married. These tokens serve as a more vibrant home accent than the typical photograph, and also make truly personal gifts for friends and family.

“While it’s still wonderful to have collections of photos, the Shapify Booth offers a new way to revisit a memory with a 3D portrait,” says Melissa Wiltraut, corporate project manager at 3D Makery.

The Shapify Booth is located in front of the Target corridor at the Memorial City Mall.