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Learn the ropes of 3D modeling through HoneyPoint3D online course

Let’s say you have a 3D model you want to alter a bit before printing, or you want to design your own 3D model. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at this online course, which the founders of an Oakland-based startup, HoneyPoint3D, Liza and Nick Kloski are prepping.

This couple have taught over 5,000 students how to 3D print and 3D CAD model at their live workshops, and now they’ve launched a fundraising effort on Kickstarter to offer everyone pledging $20 or more access to 20+ hours of online video training using Autodesk’s Meshmixer software.

Meshmixer is a free program, in which you can mash, mix, sculpt, stamp or paint your own 3D designs, or start from over 10,000 models in its gallery. The tool is fully compatible with Artec Studio, which means you can export models scanned and processed with Artec Studio and then modify them in Meshmixer.

The HoneyPoint3D course is fit for anyone, no matter what the skill level. In addition to the 20+ hours of training, students will be getting 80+ videos describing every tool of the program, which could be used as a reference library, and 30 targeted videos that will answer their questions on how to do specific actions.

A mini-class on Meshmixer for Minecraft and lifetime course updates will be offered as bonuses. The more you pledge the more you get. If you want to attend monthly webinars for 1 year, you need to pledge $35 in total. All details are on the project’s page. If you’d like to participate, lose no time – the project wraps up June 22.