Eva and Elizabeth: Artec scanners help create official commercial of Bioshock Infinite


Artec Eva 3D scanner was used to create and to successfully bring to life Elizabeth, one of the main characters in Bioshock Infinite, for its internationally run television commercial.

Bioshock Infinite, a game for multiple platforms which was released on 26th of March, 2013 was created by Irrational Games, a video game developing company based in the US. The creative director on the project is video game icon Ken Levine.

In many respects the game is exceptional. Its unique aesthetics, well tuned game play and well realized characters have brought Bioshock Infinite to be one of the highest rated video games of all time. BioShock Infinite takes you to an unusual time and setting, particular for this sequel. All the action happens in 1912, the time of American Exceptionalism when a utopian city of Columbia is built to represent the era’s main ideals. The game is a first-person shooter with Booker DeWitt as a main hero. He is hired by some mysterious people to get into the airborne city and rescue a young woman named Elizabeth, who has been locked in a tower within the city.

Despite the fact that the Bioshock Infinite is a first-person game, where Booker mainly performs all the action, Elizabeth, whose face you might see on giant billboards everywhere, is the female lead and the plot defining character. She is an immensely intelligent, highly emotional charming young lady that you can’t help but fal in love with. And it’s not only about her physical attractiveness (within certain limits of a video game heroine) but also about her highly elaborated character.

Creating Elizabeth was a multi-stage process, where Artec 3D scanner Eva was used to create the 3D model of Elizabeth for its high production value television commercial and marketing campaign. Anna Moleva, a Russian cosplayer who endowed Elizabeth with her appearance in this commercial, was asked to express different emotions with her face. Each expression was precisely scanned and post-processed. The whole process of scanning and processing took 1 hour and then the 3D data was engaged in creating an official commercial of the game.

Elizabeth’s emotional sensitivity, genuine gestures and phrases make you feel that she is a real human being that you have a connection with. Artec scanners were engaged in this wonderful process of ‘3D magic’.