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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Upgrade to Artec Studio 13 at a discounted rate and supercharge your 3D scanner! Hurry! Available for a limited time only

It’s here, better and faster than ever. Artec Studio 13 is the latest release of our professional 3D scanning and post-processing software that lets you do more with your scanner and data than you ever could before! Designed with you in mind, the latest version of the software is packed full of features that transform your Eva or Space Spider into an entirely new 3D scanner! Right now, we are giving you an amazing chance to upgrade your existing software to Artec Studio 13 at a special, discounted rate. Hurry, this offer ends soon!

New revolutionary 3D rendering engine. Unleash the power of the new Artec Studio 13.

Our industry-acclaimed software now has a new and remarkable 3D rendering engine. It was designed from the ground up specifically to accommodate the new Artec 3D scanners, while also ensuring that your old favorites Eva or Space Spider feel like a new and powerful solution! Experience many state-of-the-art, versatile features developed for the new engine, as well as significant improvements to the existing tools, to make sure that both your scanning and post-processing are both easy and flawless.

A whole new scanning experience.

Easy 3D scanning with the 3D Radar capturing mode.

An innovative solution to ensure flawless scanning with your Artec 3D scanners, 3D Radar is a smart scanning mode that helps you hold your 3D device correctly throughout the scanning process. When capturing 3D data with your Eva or Spider, you no longer need to look at the distance indicator on the left-hand side of the screen and can now concentrate on the actual object being projected right on the screen in front of you. Your 3D mesh will change colors to indicate whether you are holding your 3D scanner either too far or too close to the object. An exciting feature for both new and existing users, which now makes it easy to capture high-quality 3D data.  

See more with 4X more key frames compared to Artec Studio 12.

Artec Studio 13 now gives you the ability to view more key frames than ever before, saving you buckets of time and effort! Compared to Artec Studio 12, which displayed no more than 50 key frames when scanning, the latest version of the software allows you to view 200! Showing how much of the area has already been captured will help you choose your trajectory better and guarantee outstanding results each and every time!

Longer scanning with no drop in FPS. Limitless data capture.

Some projects require more effort, and therefore, more frames. Previous versions of the software could potentially have difficulties handling large amounts of data and frames, but with the new and improved Artec Studio 13, that is all a thing of the past!

Enjoy fast and easy scanning with your Eva or Spider, without any glitches, delays or lags, keeping up the same FPS rate even beyond 10,000 frames. There’s no longer any need to unload your scans or keep them brief to maintain high FPS during scanning. Scan whatever you want, for as long as you want.

Vibrant, true to life colors on your screen.

With the new Artec Studio 13, your Artec Eva or Space Spider can now benefit from the new and improved texture correction. Textures never before looked so realistic and beautiful until now. The smart algorithm ensures minimal differences between what’s on the screen and what’s right there before your eyes.

Better visualization and inspection capabilities of raw 3D data

Unparalleled visualization opportunities.

You will also be pleasantly surprised with the improved texture visualization of your raw data. The initial data captured now looks far more appealing, making for clearer representation right from the word go.

Another great visualization improvement is the new geometry rendering. It offers AS 13 users a clear visual representation of any object, regardless of the complexity of the geometry. The added gloss effect and reworked shadows make fine geometry that much more noticeable, with well-defined visible details and curves that may have been blacked out in previous versions of the software, making possible full representation of the object’s geometry.

Experience what the best data visualization on the market looks like with Artec Studio 13 and your Artec 3D scanner!

Improved raw data tools.

Checking raw data in Artec Studio 13 is now quick and easy for users of all abilities.

Max error inspection is perfect for visualization of potentially problematic areas captured with Eva or Spider. In the latest version of the software, we’ve reduced the error check process down to just two simple steps! Now, all you have to do is look at the screen as the advanced AS 13 algorithm automatically highlights the frames of the scan that may need additional attention and shows you their locations.    

The scanned area inspection has also improved, and now has a feature that lets you see all the frames you have captured instead of just the key ones. This mode makes it easier for you to inspect your captured 3D data.    

 X-ray mode. See right through the noise.

This innovative visualization mode will turn your existing 3D scanner into a powerful x-ray machine! It renders the surface invisible, based on the point density of a particular area and the angle that you are looking at. This mode eliminates all the noise, making it ideal for inspection of raw scans for misalignment and spotting fusion issues that aren’t visible during regular mode. Just what you need for checking the quality of the scanned area before moving on to the next stages!  

Dramatic performance increase

Impressive workflow speed. Do more in less time.

Quicker 3D data processing. Global registration is now X2 faster, and fine registration is up to 50% faster compared to Artec Studio 12. We know that time is money, so…whoosh!

10X more polygons on display. Scan BIG.

AS 13 is now able to display up to 500,000,000 polygons compared to around 50,000,000 polygons in the previous version of the software. This means that large scans of rooms, trucks, or even planes can now be displayed in all their glory. Impressive.

Improved interaction with 3D data for full control.

We’ve upgraded our core data editing tools such as the eraser, lasso, adjustable cut-off plane, defeature brush, and many others for better interaction with your 3D models. The UI is now more intuitive and user-friendly than ever before, along with the added navigation cube, a popular control in various professional software packages.

3D mirroring feature. Do more with your data.

There is an entirely new feature that mirrors your 3D mesh in Artec Studio 13 in only a couple of clicks. Especially useful for engineering and orthopaedics, this gives users an option to mirror any model within any axis of choice. The mirrored model can be printed, exported, combined with the original model, or used to model any missing pieces when processing a difficult-to-scan object.

All these exciting improvements and innovations are guaranteed to ensure you can do more than ever with your Eva or Space Spider 3D scanner.