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Artec scans “Romanian Pamela Anderson”

When the Romanian online magazine CANCAN discovered Artec’s 3D scanning technology, they knew exactly what they were going to make of it: clone the Romanian superstar Simona Trasca. Knowing readers would love to see a miniature copy of this femme fatale, CANCAN published an article about scanning and printing Simona.

CANCAN was introduced to Artec 3D scanners by Z SPOT MEDIA, Artec’s authorized reseller in Romania. Capturing Simona with Artec MH scanner was a matter of minutes. This model is often used for capturing the human form. Watch how Artec scans “Romanian Pamela Anderson”:

The 3D model was edited in Artec Studio. Saved as an STL file, it was then imported into Rapidform’s XOR software to prepare it for printing on a BFB 3D Touch printer. A few moments later, Simona held a tiny plastic replica of herself in her hands.

Claudiu from Z SPOT MEDIA reports that “CANCAN was amazed by Artec’s 3D scanning technology” and their readers were, too! To check out the article in Romanian, click here.