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As part of Design's days, which recently took place in Paris, a group of designers from SISMO, together with Artec’s authorized reseller in France 3D AVENIR, staged a real show. The goal of the presentation was to demonstrate the possibilities of new technologies and their role in contemporary design. And they chose a very clever way of doing this – they played to the human weakness of narcissism. Whereas pictures and sculptures no longer impress anyone, an absolutely perfect copy of one’s own face, obtained instantly using Artec’s scanner and 3D printer, is another matter entirely. The delight the performance evoked among the audience is completely understandable. Not everyone has a medal bearing his own likeness, but a lucky 150 visitors to the exhibition now do.

Thanks to this creative idea 3D AVENIR and SISMO received the award for the best display stand from French newspaper Liberation.

Each person wants to leave behind something of himself to be remembered. Artec scanners give everyone the opportunity to immortalize themselves in a matter of minutes.