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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Artec at the CG Event

Everybody in Russia interested in computer technologies has heard about the CG Event – the year’s greatest techie gathering in Moscow. Artec simply couldn’t miss the chance to showcase its 3D scanning technologies at this essential Computer Graphics happening. The annual event is a demonstration platform for developments in computer graphics and animation that have emerged in the past year.

Autodesk, Pixar, Adobe and Intel are only a few among many other companies participating at the CG Event. Visitors had a chance to check out upcoming trends, take part in different workshops or simply walk around the exhibition space and get a glimpse of the digital future. Listening to someone praising technological progress in computer graphics and animation is one thing, experiencing this progress for yourself, is another. What could be more intriguing than seeing yourself in 3D?

At Artec’s booth, visitors could check out the company’s products: fully portable, lightweight 3D scanners. Apart from looking at the devices, they had the chance to watch those scanners perform and step into 3D reality themselves.

With the scanner being very quick and easy to use, a great number of event visitors were captured with the help of an Artec MHT. All they had to do was freeze for a moment in front of the scanner’s lens. Right during scanning, viewers could see the 3D model appear on the laptop screen. The face was recorded in 10 seconds. Post processing in Artec Studio took one minute. As the MHT scanner also captures texture in high quality, the colored 3D model impressed all!

A lot of visitors wished to pose in front of the scanner, so that at the end of the day, Artec had a proper collection of face expressions in 3D: there were some smiles, a few serious looks, one or two grimaces and over a dozen curious faces.

With the help of Artec MHT scanners, the team created an atmosphere in which the impossible becomes reality.