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Artec and the making of a music video

The Netherlands are known world-over for tulips and windmills: not exactly cutting edge. But that has changed. This country has become a place for ground-breaking and innovative uses of latest technology. Take the latest music video, from Dutch singer «Krause». Gone are the days of boring 2D videos, as Krause opted for the high-tech 3D variant with the help of Artec’s technology.

Watch how the artist and the director explain the concept behind the video.

The set up, done by Artec’s authorized reseller in the Netherlands, (Creative CAD CAM Consultants), consisted of 6 Artec MH scanners, all scanning simultaneously. As with all experiments and innovations, there were challenges to overcome. Because the 2D video camera was recording at a faster frame rate than the 3D scanners, the music was slowed to 60% of its original speed and the artist lip sang slower. This simple, yet clever trick, allowed the 2D and 3D cameras to sync. All in all, the experiment paid off and the music video is rich with mesmerizing graphics and effects.

Watch the full music video: